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We service Arizona Industrial and Commercial Painting of


Manufacturing & Warehouse Facilities

School Gymnasium &
Cafeteria - Team Mascots Day-care & Learning Centers, Sports Arenas -Interiors/Exteriors Amusement Parks.Stadium Light Poles, Flag poles,


Tanks, Towers, Railings.

Trash Containers,
Chemical holding containers

Benches Hand Rails

Exterior Storage Spaces

CA, CAL, PHX, Phoenix,
 Flagstaff, Tucson.

Lead Abatement Certified


 Lead Base Paint Encapsulation


Painting interior  and exteriors of  tanks


From this rusted ceiling to this finished ceiling

Water towers - Water tanks

Including Logos

Now the floor and we are Finished


Great Western Painting

  is a full-service professional company dedicated to      preserving the life of your assets with high quality paints and durable, With the Heat of Phoenix and Tucson  Arizona  We use the long-lasting industrial and commercial surface coatings. Epoxy's, 2 componet coatings, As a painting company with an extensive range of capabilities, qualified experience, specialized training and equipment,High Rise Buildings, Fire Proof Painting.  We can complete your project with Large crews keeping your down time to a


Industrial Coating & Logos

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 Phoenix & Tucson Arizona Chemical Plants, Utility Plants, Power Substations, Electrical Towers, Power Substations, Food Processing Plants, Water Treatment Plants ,Over head steel girders, Warehousing, Facilities  & more


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Industrial Sand Blasting / Commercial Sand Blasting /  Soda Blasting / Glass Bead Blasting

Tanks - Water Towers - Structural Steel - Brick & Cement Structures


No Dust 

Great Western Painting Company

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